OKC Thunder Fans Will No Longer Take Insults Lightly

by January 16, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

The OKC Thunder have taken a lot of heat this season. Not only are they awful on the basketball court, but their owners are some of the most despised men in all of sports. This has, predictably, led to a lot of abuse from fans and media.

Well, their fans have had just about enough of the jokes and digs. They’re not going to take things sitting down anymore. At least, not when the barbs come from places like Utah.

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

“We in Oklahoma City area expect bashing from New York City or Chicago or Los Angeles or SEATTLE. But for you, in your perch in SALT LAKE CITY, that bastion of distractions and night life (NOT!!!) to spout condescending drivel like you did shows your complete myopia and ignorance. The Jazz got their tails kicked by an up and coming team (I’m sure you haven’t noticed, but the Thunder have been a .500 team over the last month), NOT “the worst team in the NBA”. Maybe you should pull your head out of the mountains, out of the Mormon Tabernacle, out from watching the entire season of Big Love in your hotel room (see, other folks can be myopic, too) and out of your arse before you put your head in front of your computer to write ridiculous stories like this one.”

Another gem: “You sir have no clue do you? OKC is a bigger city not completely frozen nor covered with snow this time of year and I have yet to meet a single Mormon here. Before you project your own inferiority complex on OKC at least have the slightest clue what you are talking about.”


Guys, how about we all just agree that both places suck equally? No? Very well, carry on then.