Oklahoma City Wants an NBA Team

by March 05, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

The people of Oklahoma City have spoken, and what they’re saying is that they’re willing to bite the (financial) bullet to get their hands on the Sonics. Yesterday, a $120 million tax package aimed at bringing the city its first pro sports franchise was easily passed.

More than 60 percent of Oklahoma City voters favored the 15-month, one-cent sales tax to fix up the city’s Ford Center arena and build a new NBA practice facility, according to unofficial final returns from the Oklahoma County Election Board.

Though Seattle officials are doing their best to brush aside the vote, it’s a pretty clear signal that OKC is ready and willing to become an NBA city. Tellingly, David Stern reiterated his pro-OKC stance (and had nothing but contempt for Seattle’s city leaders) when he met the media in Portland last night.

Next month, the NBA’s Board of Governors will vote on whether or not the widely-despised Clay Bennett will be granted his wish to move the Sonics from Seattle. Don’t expect any miracles, kids.