Omer Asik Likely to Be Part of a Three-Team Trade


by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

It appears that in a matter of days, the unhappy marriage between the Houston Rockets and center Omer Asik will come to an end.

The Rockets’ self-imposed deadline to trade the big fella is fast approaching, and with so many possible destinations, it’s difficult to figure out where Asik will end up.

The only thing close to being a certainty in this mess, is that Omer won’t be living and working in H-Town for very much longer.

Per the Houston Chronicle:

For nearly a month, (GM Daryl Morey) has made his way around NBA showrooms and talked about deals. By his self-imposed Thursday deadline, he will be ready to buy. Morey would not discuss his plans, but a person with knowledge of the Rockets’ thinking said Morey set his Dec. 19 deadline in part because he knows he has an offer he is willing to take. Though things can change several times by Thursday, that individual said “it very likely will be a pretty complicated, three-way deal. There are a lot of moving parts.”

Ideally, the Rockets hoped to pick up a player who can quickly step into the rotation and, one way or another, have the impact they hoped Asik would have. Less desirable but more likely, Morey would have to put together a package of players or picks for Asik, knowing that the mixed grill option is usually not as valuable as getting one stronger player, especially for a team now built to contend quickly.

After months of acrimony between Omer Asik and his employer, Houston finally appears prepared to pull the trigger.

Candidates for the center’s services include Philadelphia, Boston, Cleveland and Atlanta.