Owner: Washington Wizards May Become Bullets Again

by October 07, 2010

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

When it was reported that Washington would soon go back to their old uniforms, there were a few cries that they should also consider re-branding themselves as the Bullets. Well, guess what?

Ted Leonsis, the man in charge of writing the checks at the Verizon Center in D.C. says the name change (and literally, one hundred other things) are all under consideration.

The WaPo reports that it’s part of Leonsis’ effort to pump new life into the stagnant organization:

Leonsis spelled out everything that he has done or plans to do now that he is control, in full detail on his personal blog, Ted’s Take. In a blog post titled, “The Wisdom of Our Crowds – 101 To Do List Final,” Leonsis puts out his “List of 101 Signs of Visible Change,” which includes fans suggestions and what he has done. The list includes such things as “2. Reconnect with Gilbert Arenas” and “59. Install beverage shelf in the men’s restrooms.” But two of the most startling developments in the blog, which should generate considerable excitement among fans were Nos. 28 and 31. What do those say?

28. Change Wizards’ colors back to red, white and blue, which Leonsis said is “In-development.”
31. Change Wizards’ team name to Bullets, which Leonsis said is “Under consideration.”

You should check out the entire list, but returning to red, white and blue and the Bullets is enough to make some people woozy around here.

The time for worrying about political correctness in Washington — on the basketball side of things, anyhow — has apparently come to an end. At the time being, there’s no telling when exactly when Leonsis will attempt to make the name switch, or just how seriously this is being considered.

Got any other brilliant ideas for the engaging Wizards’ boss man? Just hit him up via e-mail.