Patrick Beverley ‘Asked for the Assignment’ on LeBron James

by March 05, 2019

Despite giving up considerable size and muscle, Patrick Beverley “asked for the assignment” of checking LeBron James Monday night.

And the feisty guard delivered with 13 points, nine rebounds, four assists and five steals in the LA Clippers’ 113-105 win against the floundering Lakers.

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It's not the size of the dog in the fight…

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James and the Lakers have now lost three in a row.

Per The LA Times:

“The outside looking in, you’d say this team was trying to tank,” Beverley said. “But the leaders we have … the new acquisitions we’ve got, the rookies we’ve got … it makes us dangerous. A lot of people don’t respect us yet. And that’s fine. We’re just going to come out here and be the best team we can be.”

In helping bury the Lakers’ playoff hopes Monday, it was Beverley giving up 65 or so pounds to LeBron James, fighting him for every inch of space on the block despite being badly outmuscled.

And as the final seconds ticked off the clock, it was Beverley bathing in the crowd’s jeers, his hands in the air, asking for more.

“I love him,” Rivers said. “I loved him when he was in Houston and always wanted to get him. And when we knew we could get him in the trade, I was like, ‘This is … great. He’s just such a baller. He’s got a chip on his shoulder. He believes the whole world has wronged him. And he’s great for our guys.”

Patrick Beverley: Clippers the ‘Best Team in L.A.’