Pau and Marc Gasol to Play in Spain if NBA Season Gets Cancelled

by November 15, 2011

Pau Gasol confirmed his interest to join Barcelona’s hoops team should the 2011-’12 NBA season get flushed down the drain, citing that his brother Marc would likely do the same. From AS: “After the dissolution of the union was announced on Monday, Pau Gasol said ‘now it seems that everything happens at the hands of state attorneys. See if we can reach an agreement. They’re going to negotiate in a different way. The players have been giving in meeting after meeting until we reached a point where we could not give more. What we want is to play. I guess from now on things will change. This process is damaging the image of the league there. There are many details and the end is hard to understand. The players accepted the last time 50/50 with the condition that respect of other things that were important; there are so many details that it is impossible to understand the situation,’ said the player. Gasol did not hesitate to recognize that in case of cancellation of the NBA season, his preferred destination would be the Barcelona machine that made the leap to the best league in the world. ‘If they cancel the season we would like to play here (in Barcelona). I speak for myself, but Marc would also like to play for Barcelona.’ Also assessed the possibility that Real Madrid tried to sign his brother. ‘I can not imagine him in white, but nothing is impossible.’ Pau said the cancellation would have a very nice season for the European leagues. ‘The best players in the world would be free and eager to play in other leagues,’ he said.”