Paul George Had ’18 to 20 Ounces of Blood’ Drained from Elbow

by August 01, 2018

Paul George complained about his shot feeling “funny” last season, and it turns out he had a bunch of blood sitting in the sac of his right elbow.

PG says he got the elbow drained, and feels confident in his jumper again.

The All-Star forward inked a four-year, $137 million contract as a free agent with the OKC Thunder, and adds that he feels no limitations following offseason left knee surgery.

Per the WaPo:

“I had a huge sac, 18 to 20 ounces of blood just sitting in the sac of my elbow, so I had that aspirated,” George said. “I was dealing with that for pretty much the whole season. That was causing a lot of frustration with shooting and playing.

“To be able to shoot again, to be able to feel confident in my shot, to not have that on my mind, playing on the court … I’m great going forward.”

He said the recovery from the arthroscopic surgery he had on his left knee in Los Angeles in May had progressed nicely, and while he didn’t feel he was back to where he’d like to be, it was impossible to tell from watching him play [during the Team USA mini-camp.]

“The knee is doing good,” he said. “It still has a long way to go. … It looks like I’m doing well, but I’m still working through some stuff, and still working on trusting and putting full confidence in my leg. I’m a little ways away, but there’s no pain, there’s no swelling, there’s nothing I’m concerned about. I’m just not at the level I need to be.

“There’s no limitations. All it is, is taking steps, all it is, is progression. I’m just trying to get ready and prepare for training camp down the line.”

Struggling Paul George Says His Shot ‘Feels Funny’