Paul George on Gold Medal: ‘This is My Championship’

by August 22, 2016

For Paul George, winning an Olympic Gold Medal is the greatest achievement of his ascendant basketball career.

The NBA All-Star spoke Sunday after helping lead Team USA to a 96-66 win over Serbia for their third consecutive Gold.

George, 26, says his comeback from a horrific leg injury three summers ago is now complete.

Per the Indy Star:

“I just finalized this whole story, put it to rest,” the Indiana Pacers forward said. “I’m officially back.”


The United States won its third consecutive gold medal Sunday, beating Serbia 96-66 in what was nearly the biggest gold-medal blowout since basketball was introduced at the Olympics in 1936. […] In 22 minutes, George had nine points and three steals. The Americans were plus-37 with him on the floor.


George said he was indifferent to his sixth man role. […] “In spite of what people said about this group, being less talented, not blowing teams out, not putting people away … I thought we did a good job of being mindful of that, kind of bottling that all up and unleashing all that tonight on Serbia,” George said.

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