Paul George: Player-Ref Relations Haven’t Improved Since He Entered NBA

by March 12, 2018
paul george referees

Thunder forward Paul George says player-official relations haven’t improved since he entered the NBA in 2010.

George added that he heard the relationship between players and referees was better “back in the day.”

PG: “I’ve heard from back in the day, the relationship between the official and the player was a lot better.

“Where guys were actually able to talk to one another, regardless of if they agreed or disagreed with a call. The player and the official could have a dialogue.” […]

What time specifically are you referring to by “back in the day”?

PG: “All I know is the officiating in today’s game, so I can only speak on that.

“So what I’m referring to is pretty much before I got to the League.”

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