Paul Pierce Tells Knicks to Get Rid of Marbury

by July 11, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

It’s not often that a player puts on the proverbial GM hat for an opposing team, because NBA players (for the most part) are deathly afraid of saying anything that might in any way negatively affect their endorsment deals.

Paul Pierce isn’t like most players, and he says whatever is on his mind.

The NY Daily News has the Celtic captain’s advice for the Knickerbockers:

“He makes the biggest contract and he’s one of the oldest players on the team,” Pierce said. “That doesn’t really fit into a rebuilding plan, just to be honest.”

“I’d try to trade him or buy him out at this point,” added Pierce, who still believes Marbury can be a starting point guard in the NBA. “I just think he needs a fresh start somewhere else. Marbury needs to be on a veteran team where he fits into what they’re trying to do a little bit more.”

Oh man, Knicks/Celtics games next year are going to be intense!

Um, wait, scratch that … never mind. Come to think of it, actually, most guys on Stephon’s own team probably agree with The Truth.