Paul Pierce: ‘We Weren’t Afraid of LeBron’

by September 28, 2020
LeBron James and Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce is known for not giving LeBron James much credit. However, his comments on James recently took things to a new level. Pierce talked on ESPN about how his era wasn’t afraid of LeBron but players in the modern NBA fear him.

“Players today are scared of LeBron… My era is out of the league. We weren’t afraid of LeBron but these guys today, he strikes fear in these guys. I can see it.”

It didn’t take long for one of the most vocal players in the NBA to speak out on Pierce’s take. Shortly after hearing the news, Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors went to Instagram to clap back.

In the social media era, trash talk has evolved in a way that expands even off the court. Regardless of whether Paul Pierce is right or wrong, Green seemed to disagree strongly. James has had success in the league both during and after Pierce’s era of the NBA, although they did have many great head-to-head battles.

After all that has been said, just yesterday Pierce said that if LeBron wins a title this year, he puts him right behind Michael Jordan as the greatest all-time.