Pearl Washington to Have Surgery for a Brain Tumor

by August 26, 2015

Dwayne “Pearl” Washington, a dazzling ballhandler who played three seasons in the NBA in the late 1980s, is scheduled to undergo surgery to treat a brain tumor.

The tumor was first treated back in 1995, but according to a close fried, Pearl needs another procedure.

Washington, 51, made his biggest mark as a point guard at Syracuse University for three years.


Washington, 51, will have surgery at Crouse Hospital on Thursday. He has been reluctant to speak publicly about the recurrence of the tumor, his friend Mark Finney said, “because he’s a very private person.” […] Mark Finney is the son of Betty Finney, a Cortland woman with whom Washington had formed a deep, abiding friendship over the years. Washington gave the eulogy at Betty Finney’s funeral in July.


As for news about his own health, Washington “wants to keep it as low-key as possible,” Mark Finney said. But Finney and Washington understand that because of Pearl’s place in SU basketball history, word had started to leak out about his condition. […] “He’s having a great day today,” Finney said by telephone Monday afternoon. “He’s much more relaxed. He’s taking everything in stride and he’s grateful for all the support he’s getting.”


Washington, said Finney, is facing a “very serious” medical procedure this week. […] “Many prayers are requested,” Finney said. “Pearl has prayed for a lot of people over the years and we’d ask that you please pay back those prayers to Pearl.”