Penny Hardaway Inducted into Orlando Magic Hall of Fame

by January 23, 2017

The Magic inducted Penny Hardaway into their Hall of Fame during Friday night’s game against the visiting Milwaukee Bucks.

Hardaway expressed regret about how his career in Orlando came to an end.

Penny and former teammate Shaquille O’Neal formed one of the most formidable and entertaining duos in NBA history.

Per the Orlando Sentinel:

“Every time I watch the footage, man, I just get tears in my eyes because there’s always that what if if we would have all stayed together,” Hardaway said.


On Friday, Hardaway said he wishes he never left.


“That was just an emotional kid just being spoiled,” Hardaway said. “That’s not even my element or my norm. I usually try to fight through things, and I didn’t fight through. And I regret that to this day. I would have cherished [it] more here because we had some really awesome teams, some super teams, and I took it for granted. I thought we were going to be together for the rest of our careers. I never thought Shaq would leave, and then after that, everything just fell apart.”