Phil Jackson, as Expected, Pokes Fun at Red Auerbach’s Mystique

by June 04, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

One of the major story lines from the Finals – which, finally and mercifully, begin tomorrow night – will be Phil Jackson’s attempt to break the record for most titles won by a head coach, a record he shares with the legendary Red Auerbach.

Phil and Red didn’t exactly have the warmest relationship when Auerbach was still alive, and now with a glorious opportunity to leapfrog him in the history books, Jackson can’t resist the urge to poke fun at the myth surrounding the Celtic great.

“The ghost of Red Auerbach is present,” [Jackson] says. “It’s very present.”

“Danny Ainge and Kevin McHale, don’t you think they collaborated on all this?” says Jackson. “Red’s ghost swayed McHale to make the Kevin Garnett trade with Boston last year, rather than with someone else.”

Careful, Phil. Keep up these types of comments, and you guys might not even have any running water in your locker room during your stay in Boston.