Phil Jackson Couldn’t See Himself Working for Mark Cuban

by March 16, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Phil Jackson has hinted time and again that his stay on the coaching sidelines is close to an end. After next season, Jackson insists that he’ll hang ’em up, so to speak.

If an NBA owner is able to convince him to return to coaching, though, it certainly won’t be Mark Cuban. According to Phil, Cuban (whose Mavs were in town to play the Lakers yesterday) makes the workplace too stressful a place.

From the Press-Entreprise:

“I don’t think I could work under those conditions. I just don’t,” Jackson said. Then turning to the assembled reporters, he added, “You guys are bad enough.”

Jackson said he imagines it’s a tough transition for players as well. “I think it’s something they have to definitely get used to,” Jackson said. “He’s going to be a rooter, a supporter and probably critique it too. It’s very difficult for players to get used to, but once they’re in the mix, I think they get thick skin and they’re OK.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the vacancy when Rick Carlisle inevitably gets the boot.

Then again, when you’ve grown accustomed to receiving checks from a man like Jerry Buss, it’s kind of hard to imagine working for anyone else.