Phil Jackson Extended

by Marcel Mutoni

Before the Lakers went out and crushed the Nuggets by 28 points last night – excuse me while I fist pump, thanks – head coach Phil Jackson put his John Hancock on a contract extension. The deal is for two years, and the 62-year old Zen Master will rake in a cool $24 million over that short span of time.

After signing on the dotted line, Phil tried to convince everyone that his re-upping had nothing to do with Kobe or the talent on this Laker team.

“The decision to return as coach, and the decision to be asked to return as coach, both had very little to do with Kobe Bryant and very little to do with the talent here,” Jackson said. “It’s about the proximity that I feel to this organization, the comfort I feel working for this organization, and the progress I think we’re making.”

“I’m also sleeping with the boss’s daughter; you could say there was a lot of pressure to resign,” Phil did not necessarily add.