Phoenix Suns Basketball Is Fun

by October 04, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

Training camp for most teams is a tedious time: guys are trying to get in shape; new players are learning the system; coaches are evaluating and seeing who’s ready to go when the season jumps off; and front offices are praying their players manage to avoid the police blotter. It’s a lot of work.

One place where training camp is being enjoyed by all, however, is Phoenix.

In his first two days on the job, newcomer Grant Hill has already played every position on the floor, and he is quickly learning why Mike D’Antoni just might be the funnest coach to play for in the Association. Check out this quote in the East Valley Tribune:

“Hopefully we can get to the point where there are no plays and no positions and we just play basketball,” D’Antoni said. “We’re not there yet, but we’re making progress toward that. Then I can just sit down on the bench and watch them play for 48 minutes.”

That right there is the kind of carefree approach to life and basketball that makes players fall in love with their coach. The Suns may never win a title under D’Antoni, mostly due to defense-related allergies (a condition that worsens come Playoff time), but they’re gonna have a ton of fun while trying.

Well, everyone but Shawn Marion…