Phoenix Suns Coach Monty Williams Congratulates Bucks With Class

Giannis Antetokounmpo will be the number one topic of discussion after the Milwaukee Bucks closed out the NBA Finals thanks to a 50 point, 14 rebounds, 5 block performance in Game 6. The next topic of discussion will be the classy way Monty Williams handled himself in defeat.

The Phoenix Suns coach first congratulated the Bucks in his press conference after the game that caused him to become emotional. Then afterwards, with his arm around the Finals MVP, Williams extended his congratulations to the Milwaukee players and coaching staff.

“I just wanted to come and congratulate you guys as a man and a coach because you guys deserve it. I’m thankful for the experience. You guys made me a better coach and you made us a better team. Congratulations.”

His actions after the Finals comes less than a year after his heartfelt speech to his team last year in the bubble after his team barely missed the play-in tournament after achieving an 8-0 record. A speech that sent notice to the NBA that the franchise culture had changed and something special was on the horizon.

Monty Williams constantly stressed to his team throughout the postseason that winning a championship was a hard task. The words were spawned from a career where his Finals aspirations were doomed by bad timing.

Williams had already made himself a coaching star last year in the bubble, but his actions after this loss continued to exemplify his character.