Phoenix Suns Expect Devin Booker to Miss Four Weeks with Groin Injury

The Phoenix Suns announced that Devin Booker would miss the next month of action after suffering a groin strain.

Book missed three games with a groin injury before attempting to come back on Christmas Day when the Suns played the Denver Nuggets. However, that comeback was cut short after four minutes when he re-aggravated the injury, forcing him to miss the last two games of contests and will keep him off the court for the foreseeable future.

After the win on Tuesday, head coach Monty Williams offered the following on how Phoenix looked without Booker. 

“I think guys are always wanting to play, but I don’t think anybody’s ever excited when [Devin Booker] is not on the floor. They want to win for him,” Williams said per Sports Illustrated.

“They know how much he loves to play; they know how much he loves his team; they know how much he gives to the program. I think they just want to win for him. By and large, everybody wants [Devin Booker] back here, but to your point, I think guys look for opportunities, but I think they were thinking, ‘We got to win this for the guys that are out.’ 

“Especially [Devin Booker], because we watched him grind to get back onto the floor, and he comes back on Christmas day, and he reinjures himself, and we saw his frustration. I’m sure our guys are texting him and FaceTiming him and whatever they’re going to do to let him know that those kinds of wins are for him and the guys who are out.”

The Suns (20-15) are coming off a 125-108 win over the Grizzlies (20-13) and will play the Wizards (14-21) on Wednesday.