Photos: Kobe Bryant’s Asia Tour


Compiled by Eldon Khorshidi

Since the conclusion of the NBA Playoffs, NBA players have been all over the place. Some are laying low, while others are at the forefront of the media landscape, announcing their every move during the lockout. We’ve heard a spectrum of rumors, from athletes playing overseas to trying other sports to helping with everyday tasks. But for Nike Basketball and its athletes, summer travels and the NBA lockout are mutually exclusive. With or without a labor agreement, Nike continues its tradition of spreading the beautiful game of basketball and giving back to the community.

Nike’s roster includes the likes of Carmelo AnthonyDirk NowitzkiChris BoshLeBron James and Deron Williams. But for a second consecutive summer, it’s five-time champion Kobe Bryant and rising star Kevin Durant promoting the brand overseas. Above are some snapshots from Bryant’s tour through Asia, and for photos and a description of Durant’s six-day China tour, click here. For more information on Nike Basketball’s global efforts, check out