Pistons Owner: Keeping Andre Drummond a Priority

Keeping Andre Drummond in Detroit is a priority for Pistons team owner Tom Gores.

Gores says the big fella is “very underrated.”

Drummond, 26, is eager to enter free agency next summer.

Per The AP:

Gores was asked about a possible contract extension for Drummond, the team’s standout center. He spoke highly of Drummond but did not elaborate on any possible negotiations. He did say keeping Drummond in the fold is a priority.

“We know how dedicated we are to each other,” Gores said. “I’ve said it many times: He’s very underrated in a lot of ways for what he does, and culturally he’s been so good for this team, just in terms of his attitude, and just watching him really grow up. I met him when he was 18.”

Keeping Griffin healthy is a big key this season, and the Pistons are also hopeful they’ve improved their depth after adding Derrick Rose. Gores was asked if there might come a point when the team needs to consider a different path forward after relying on the core of Griffin, Drummond and point guard Reggie Jackson.

“I think right now we feel really good about where we’re at,” Gores said. “Obviously, we have to succeed and win, and judge by if we’re not winning. But right now we feel really good about it.”

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