Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

We are closed tomorrow, which is just great because tonight’s double header is Miami at Cleveland and Phoenix at San Antonio. That would have been fun to write about, but a holiday is a holiday is a holiday.

The upset of the night was courtesy of the Portland Trailblazers, who beat Utah despite not having Zach Randolph or LaMarcus Aldridge. Compare that with Gerald Wallace putting up numbers against a team missing everything, or J-Rich against the Macless Rockets, or any other combination of good team vs. injured bad team, and the winner has to be Brandon Roy.

In other news, this weekend Grindhouse hits theaters. I’ve already begged Omar to review it, so look forward to that. I also tried to trick him into seeing The Reaping, which appears to be a movie that is trying to cash in on that electric post-Passover buzz. Yeah, good luck with all that, Warner Bros. Like I said, GRINDHOUSE. And hey, since we’re talking movies, here’s the new Die Hard trailer in case you haven’t seen it. Considering Die Hard re-invented the prototype of the renegade cop, it looks like a rip off of every thing that has ripped off Die Hard. I’m confused. Have a great weekend! The playoffs are almost here. In two weeks. Has this season secretly been two years long?