Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

The calm before the storm. Season nearly over. People are eager to talk about a washed up radio dinosaur that we would never waste time on on slamonline otherwise, so I’ll just list my Player of the D.A.Y., head to my softball meeting, and be out of your way.

Carmelo Anthony had 33-5-5 against the Lakers in a game that gives Denver the edge in the race for the honor of playing San Antonio instead of Phoenix. I caught the beginning of Sportscenter (after they showed Barry Bonds grounding out twice in a well-pitched game between two bad teams), and Jamal Mashburn explained how it turns out that playing San Antonio might be worse that playing Phoenix because the Spurs play better defense than the Suns. No. Way. Jamal, you have blown my mind. Um… I got a little too sarcastic there. Sorry. Denver may have lost by winning, but I’m still giving the Player of the D.A.Y. to their leading scorer, who scored more points than two other players in the game that have each averaged 30+ ppg in the past.

The Player of the D.A.Y. goes to Carmelo Anthony. He had gone so long without negative publicity until yesterday’s 7-11 incident. Maybe this will counter that in a small way.