Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

There were two games played last night. In one of them, there was a 50 point scorer for a losing team and two front court players putting up huge stat lines for the winner, but the key player was Sam Cassell, sparking the come from behind win. A lot of that was taking advantage of Kobe wearing down and Smush relaxing for him. Too many standout performances in one game to give the award to anyone, so we’ll head over to the other game.

People say that the Nets match up well with Cleveland, but not on this night. Bron was the man among boys that he can be sometimes, and the result was a Player of the D.A.Y. trophy.

It’s almost over. Monday and Tuesday it’s business as usual, though I feel kind of strange giving this award out when about 15% of the league is playing hard, if even that. Monday might be the final Player of the D.A.Y. and D.A.Y. of the season. I have learned my lesson from mid-season, and when I do my end of the season look back, I will cut cut cut chop chop chop and whittle it down to something readable.

Most importantly, I came up with a simple yet effective way of how we will cover the playoffs this year, and we’ll talk more about that next week. We’re almost there. Have a great weekend everyone!