Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

Alright, talking about the season dragging on has started to drag on as well. I feel like I’ve run the first 26 miles of a marathon, and those final .22 miles are out there laughing it me, and I can see that finish line. But it might be a mirage I’m so thirsty. Am I making sense? I do not know. I’m delirious.
Speaking of marathons, DAVE CHAPPELLE everyone! Not only did he set a record, but he did it by breaking Dane Cook’s record. (Which was a tribute to Cook’s recently deceased father.)

Ok. Player of the D.A.Y. Since the Mavs turned the Clippers-Suns game into a must-win for L.A. with the Dallas starting lineup of Buckner, George, Ager, Diop, and Barea, it has to be a Clipper. Elton Brand, with 21 and 9 keeping their season alive. One more day to go, and it will include the Player of the Y.E.A.R.