Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

There were some big dunks out in LA. I’m not opposed to giving someone a trophy based on a dunk, if it created so much momentum that it carries a team to a win. That wasn’t the case last night though. Sorry Kwame and Smush. I’m sure you’ll have your own Player of the D.A.Y. trophies waiting for you in the future. (sure you will.) Instead I’m giving it to the player who is the exact opposite of Kwame as a first overall pick and arguably the exact opposite of a SLAMADAMONTH. Instead of going right from high school to being intimidated by Michael Jordan, this guy went to college for four years and made David Robinson a role player when he reached the pros. He dunks, he posterizes, but rarely in a SLAMADMONTH way. The one and only Tim Duncan. 35 and 14 on 17 shots in an easy win over the Kings at Arco, where they never lose.

Tim, clear a space next to those MVP, Finals MVP, and championship trophies. There’s another piece of hardware coming. And as you can see, the trophy fnally exists. Thank you Stephen Goggi!