Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

Last year, the glaring problem with Player of the D.A.Y. was that I pretended the NBA didn’t exist on Friday and Saturday nights. So the numbers were skewed ever so slightly. There was that weird phenomenon of Kobe saving his very best for Friday nights, for example. But anyways, I am here to fix that slightly, in a fast way cause I’m a busy man.

For games played Friday night, Player of the D.A.Y. was Kevin Garnett. A 20-20 in his home debut? That’s pretty good. Gilbert’s guarantee came off as extremely foolish. Honorable mention to Joe Johnson who led the Hawks over the Mavs. Was that Atlanta’s biggest win of the 2000s? It might have been, which is hilarious. I saw some of LeBron’s 45-7-7 against the Knicks while I was trapped in the corner of some German restaurant. All performances against the Knicks D get taken with a mandatory bottle of salt.

For games played Saturday, Player of the D.A.Y. was Deron Williams. 30 and 11. Golden State wants to run, Utah wants to run, this is what happened. Honorable mention to Michael Redd with 27 and 9 against the Bulls in a game were about half as many points were scored. That means if Redd were playing in that GS-Utah game he would have gone for 54. Don’t question me, you know I’m right. That being said… I’m still going with Deron. This is tricky, two teams that should make the playoffs are now both 0-3, so are they good or about to become obviously bad? I don’t know.

And that brings us to today. Could be Kobe, but we need to celebrate the Lakers second unit play, so that wouldn’t be right. And I’ve been doing too much Utah so far. Instead I will celebrate the highwater mark in Charlotte Bobcat basketball history. Undefeated! Just like the Patriots! Jason Richardson scored 29 against a Heat team without Wade. The Southeast division is totally backwards right now and I love it. (It’s still early it’s still early it’s still early it’s still early it’s still early)

One final note: I submitted a photo/idea of someone to one of my very favorite blogs out there, and they ran with it. Yes, it is NBA-related. Enjoy!