Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

Busy night last night. The Knicks had a huge win fighting off Denver. Milwaukee blew out Toronto and held Chris Bosh without field goal while Desmond Mason went 10 for 10. Cuttino Mobley put 33 on the Bulls in Chicago. Yao was a dominant force against the Spurs, LeBron had a big night at Golden State, and of course there were crazy numbers by some New Orleans players against the Lakers. And that’s just a handful of the games between “better” teams and I use that term loosely.


Well, it comes down to two final thoughts.

1) Cuttino carried an underdog on the road over what everyone was saying was one of the best in the East. Yes, if you discredited the Bulls, people would take issue. And now the Bulls are sitting at 0-4. Are you guys lining up to apologize to Holly? Not that she needs it. Very ominous commenting on that one. First Gilbert0: “clippers over chicago. really?” Apparently so. (On this one night.) And then, myself: “The Bulls should be much higher, but maybe she knows something we don’t?” I guess she did!

2) Desmond Mason shot 10 for 10, and the Bucks blew out a playoff team from last year. On the other hand, Chris Paul and Peja put up such big numbers. It was against the Lakers though, who have proven… I don’t know what they’ve proven. But Peja Stojakovic doesn’t just decide at this point in his career to nail 10 threes by himself. He was set up! In a good way of course.

Player of the D.A.Y. is Chris Paul. The 21 assists, getting Peja going was one thing. But he threw in 19 of his own on top of that. We have been spoiled by a surge in 20 assist games over the past few years during this PG renaissance. They are still special every time.

Bonus reading: Did the NYPost interview Bill Walton? Or did they interview my impersonation of Bill Walton? Even I’m not so sure.