Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

The headline match-up of the night was Dallas-Golden State, in a fight for revenge steel cage match. If Baron hit that three, odds are he would have his first Player of the D.A.Y. this season. But the shot didn’t go down, and perhaps that’s a sign of things to come for the Warriors? The magic isn’t there? They are eagerly waiting for the return of Stephen Jackson to restore… whoa that’s crazy. I can’t even finish the thought. Golden State hasn’t won a game yet. The same goes for Washington, who blew a 20 point lead and put the game in the hands of Gilbert Arenas for the chance to go for the game-winning three on the road. His decision was to call for a clear out, and then allow himself to be forced into a corner with two defenders on him as he launched a heavily contested jumper.

So, two of the exciting and insane teams in the league who made the playoffs last year are winless. Let’s go to the third game of the night.

Chicago finally won a game, getting past their blood rivals, the Pistons. Crunchtime was sloppy, but the Bulls held on thanks in big part to Tyrus Thomas with and his 19 and 14 with 2 steals and 2 blocks. Richard Jefferson gets honorable mention, and of course there were huge numbers for Rasheed and Baron in their losses. But the Player of the D.A.Y. is Tyrus Thomas.

And before I call it a week, you don’t have to point this out to me. Heroes creator Tim Kring has apologized for what has become of the show. That’s great, but why don’t you just fix it instead. I recommend keeping Officer Parkman and Molly away from each other at all times for starters, and perhaps featuring Kristen Bell more than once for five minutes every 7 episodes or whatever it’s been.

But I will leave you all with something entertaining. By way of our New York Knicks season preview writer Joey of Straight Bangin’ fame, the rap charts and graphs.