Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

Sure, there were a bunch of NBA games last night, but tonight is the big one. Spurs-Mavs. For all of the flashy excitement of whoever is supposed to be the new bandwagon to jump on, it’s always about these two. There are other forces in the West, like Phoenix as always, Houston, Utah, and New Orleans (!), but seriously in the big picture it’s just the Spurs and the Mavs. So, let us enjoy a “statement game” if you believe in such things. And oh by the way, this is the contest game where 4 lucky and talented commenters will win the gift of IMAX. Looking forward to the game.

Also Phoenix plays Chicago, which was more exciting a year ago.

And now to give out the award for games played last night. I got home to watch the second half of the Knicks-Clippers game after an interesting night of hanging out with a girl who claims O.J. Simpson was hitting on her a few hours before the Government caught him in their sting operation. She also met up with me and some other people via police escort, and by that I mean she hitched a ride with a cop. Then I got home and watched Stephon Marbury and Isiah Thomas acting out their healthy mentor-student relationship. She is the New York Knicks of girls.

LeBron put up amazing numbers in a loss. Now he feels the double indiginity of losing the game and losing out on the Player of the D.A.Y.

Rashard McCants is healthy after pretty much sleeping on a hospital bed for the past two years, and he scored 33 for the T-Wolves who beat the Kings. Gilbert had a nice game with 30 and 11 assists against Indy, Michael Redd had 31-6-5 facing Memphis, and Kobe put up 30-8-5 leading the Lakers over the Rockets as T-Mac’s biological clock exploded. Yes, he has a biological clock that causes injury. It runs in his family, with distant cousins if I’m not making myself clear.

Dwight Howard had 35 and 16 for the Magic in the win over LeBron. But I will give the award to Joe Johnson, who went for 34-10-5 versus the Bobcats. It was a big night in the Southeast. Gil returned to superstar (on court) level, Dwyane Wade played basketball, the Magic had that big win, and then it was the Cats and Hawks… forgive me, clawing at each other. Believe it or not, Hawks-Cats games could have playoff implications.

Alright. Good luck contest participants.