Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

I forgot to write my Player of the D.A.Y. yesterday, giving out the weekend awards, and now I’ve got a serious backlog. My bad. There was a lot going on yesterday, so much so that I didn’t even get to watch Heroes last night. I did see No Country For Old Men, and it shattered all of my preconceived notions of what would be the gangsta scale. SEE THAT MOVIE RIGHT NOW! STOP READING THIS AND GET TO YOUR LOCAL CINEMA! No spoilers from me. Josh Brolin was a dirty cop in American Gangster and now he’s one of the main characters in No Country. Can you say in the zone?!? If I had to put this movie into any one genre, it would be horror/suspense. But it’s also a Western crime caper. SEE IT!

I should point out that Omar has been banging away at his blog, and yes he is ranking the top 10 most underrated gangstas of all-time. Of course he is.
Alright, on to the Players of the D.A.Y. that I’ve been slacking on.

Friday night was the evening when the Knicks season took its final indignant kick in the privates, as they overcame all kinds of distractions to fight hard on the road in double OT, missing buzzer beaters and Kevin Martin put up 43 and 10. It would have been an inspirational win for the Knicks, a defiant win like what happened after the brawl with Denver last year, but that isn’t happening. Mathematically it’s very early and they could turn it around, but what’s the point. Kevin Martin loses probably a deserved Player of the D.A.Y. because of the level of opposition. Instead, I’m turning to Damien Wilkins, who watched his teammate Kevin Durant hit the game winning three in another double OT thriller, but Damien did the heavy lifting (take that Durant!) with 41 and 9 on 15 of 20 shooting, upsetting the Hawks in Atlanta. Yeah I said upsetting the Hawks! What a world.

Saturday’s games… lots of worthy choices, but I’ll go with Josh Howard, who took 23 shots, leading the Mavs with 27 as they beat the Grizzlies in a tight game. People get upset when one player takes too many shots when he should give up the ball more, but sometimes a guy is so good and he doesn’t shoot enough, and you want them to do the opposite. That is what happened.

Sunday night, the Magic held on against the previously unbeaten Celtics, as Dwight Howard clanked away at the free throw line in the fourth. But, they had a big enough lead and Rashard Lewis gets a lot of credit for that. He scored 22, and truthfully Dwight is right there with anyone in the MVP race right now, but having Rashard on this team has taken them from “No chance at all” against Detroit in the playoffs to a team that can play with everyone’s favorite playoff intense new darling of the league. This is called stretching it a bit. Honorable mention to Beno Udrih for leading the Kings over the Pistons, but I was just so happy to see someone from the Boston three-sport trilogy of terror finally lose a game.

And now, last night… well, the Magic got another big night from Big Dwight, but Chris Paul didn’t play and Tyson Chandler got hurt for New Orleans so nevermind that. It really comes down to Raymond Felton or Gerald Wallace for the Cats over Portland. Flip a coin (much like the killer in No Country For Old Men, I won’t spoil any further but that guy is in the Hall of Fame for psychotic murderers in my book after only 2 hours of screen time), and it goes to Raymond Felton with 24 points and 10 assists, a couple of steals, and a block.

Alright, we’re caught up. Hey look at that, time for Thanksgiving vacation!