Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

There were two games played in the NBA last night. Denver at the Lakers, and Houston at Golden State. Both of them could be classified at “blowouts.” Ha ha.

There was also a third game played that was bothering me in the morning, but has provided much laughter since. But hey, since I’ve been working here, and since the team I was so passionate about when I started has become… not so good, they have taken a backseat to teams in other sports as far as loyalty goes. Well, the football Giants are suffering from the usual disease they have around this time of year. And today’s fun issue is the Mets… I can’t go on.

NBA. What I’m supposed to be doing. It’s Friday afternoon, I’m giving it to Kobe. In the past I’ve waited until he goes of for 60-80, but he should be commended for converting his game to the appropriate style for the night, even when faced with two guys that can average 30, as a motivation/temptation.

And now I weep for the past and the future that might have been but never was.