Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

This… migraine… it hurts… I … not… what… so… can’t… migraine

Can only blurt… out … loud words…


Ah, that’s better. Something to think about regarding this whole Jason Kidd migraine-gate: If he’s lying about the migraine and he never had it, and he’s just being petulant, then he is becoming a headache for the Nets front office. If you wanted to reach for it, you could say he’s giving Rod Thorn a migraine. On the other hand, something is bothering Jason, whether it’s his contract status (for whatever reason) or the level of play on his team. That must trouble him, to the point of having headaches, possibly even a migraine. Therefore, A to B to C, the Nets are the one that caused the migraine, and he returned it vice versa.


Okay, so much happened last night. If only the Nuggets won, I could have given this to Iverson and called it a day. Instead, I’m giving it to Manu Ginobili and calling it a day. The Mavs-Spurs game lost some of its appeal because of the lack of Tim Duncan and Beowulf ticket giveaways. The Mavs should have been able to take care of business. But Manu got the start, led the Spurs with 37, and San Antonio is at the top of the league again. They are 16-3, undefeated at home.