Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

I was out sick yesterday, so I have to double up here.

Games played Wednesday night: Yao led the Rockets over Detroit with 21 and 13 on a night when his team literally couldn’t hit a free throw. Houston shot 6 of 22 from the line, and that was after a late flurry. They were 1 of 15 at one point in the game, with Steve Francis openly laughing out loud when his teammates were trying to break the string. Michael Redd had 27-10-9 in a win over Orlando, Steve Nash had one of his trademark broken face games. But I’m going with Emeka Okafor, who put up 25 and 16 with 4 blocks against the Clippers and their very possibly soon to be All-Star Chris Kaman.

Last night, DeShawn Stevenson hit 6 threes, did the You Can’t See Me/I Can’t Feel My Face thing stolen from Tony Yayo who stole it from John Cena. Gilbert cheats at XBOX live HALO, DeShawn steals signature moves. I punish that kind of dishonesty. Therefore it goes to Kobe Bryant, leading the Lakers over the Duncan and Parker-light Spurs. Nice going DeShawn, this was yours for the taking.