Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

Oh how I have neglected you my poor child, Player of the D.A.Y. I would just like to say that this week felt like it was a hundred years long. I’m glad it’s over. Sunday afternoon it’s Playoff time. Nevermind all of that Patriots stuff or whatever on Saturday. A year ago at this time I was very emotional about my Giants. It led to this post, complete with youtube video that got my youtube account permanently suspended by the powers that be. Moving beyond the Giants stuff, it’s fun to scroll down and be reminded of the pure nirvana that was Tony Romo’s fumbled attempt at holding for a game-winning field goal.

hold on…

I’m having a good smile and laugh now…

Oh yeah that’s good stuff. Everyone beats up young Eli, including myself. I’m happy the game is at 4 not 1, cause I’ll be more “alert” for some serious yelling at the TV. I am eagerly awaiting the game, I will say no more about my team. This year the motto is “Shut up and play”, as opposed to last year when it was “Hi there, my name is Tiki. I am really important, just ask me.” Go Giants!

On the other hand… Romo. So now his girl is skipping the game to “Work on her album.” Huh? If there are hardcore Jessica Simpson fans out there, I think the most exciting news about her right now is that she’s dating America’s sweetheart rags to riches smiling little field goal snap fumbler. Even if you like Jessica for other reasons, it’s not her music. Is this one day of working on the album worth more than the face time she would get from watching her boy toy throw his quasi sidearm flings? Does she not have a private plane to bounce in and out to the game and back to the studio? I’m sorry for going too far with this, but bottom line, she is lying.

To me that means Tony Romo can’t perform for his woman. I mean, so yeah he’s a great NFL QB, nice passer rating and everything. But can you respect him? Good luck with that Super Bowl, cause no starlets ever go to that. Pressure’s on you superstar. I love it! Eli is but an afterthought. How badly is T.O.’s fake injury going to affect him? Will they be out of sync? A lot of questions for the Boys. They should be nervous, cause if they lose this game their season was a monumental waste of time.


Okay, and now to give out three Player of the D.A.Y. awards.

Games played Tuesday night: A very rare win for the NY Knicks, getting a few big shots from Steph late, but it was Eddy Curry returning to the scene of the crime, literally (sorry) where he was robbed, traded from, and in this game shot 11 of 14 for 29 and 8 with 4 blocked shots. Big Ben is rolling over in his grave. Seriously, Curry blocking 4 shots is like Marcus Camby blocking 20.

Games played Wednseday night: Jason Richardson led the upset special. 34 and 9 against the mighty Celtics in Boston.

Last night: Memo Okur, leading the Utah destruction of the Suns with 22 and 17, and then gracing the “Other News” section of our site the next day, in particular in this photo.

Have a great weekend everyone. Just like Memo would.