Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

Let’s do this nice and early cause I’ve got nothing but GMEN thoughts on the brain.

But first, RIP Bobby Fischer, you psychopath. I had a personal Bobby Fischer moment last week, when a self-professed chess hustler challenged me to a game. I don’t play chess often, but when I do, I like to pretend I’m a 5 star general and I yell at my troops, the pieces. I talk trash, I taunt “Blood has been spilled!” when I take a piece. The victory last week was most satisfying. This was supposed to be an epic battle for the ages, but I took him out in like 12 moves. Charge left to put him on his heels, bring the horse around to the right, unleash the snow queen. Checkmate.

I will have my match with you someday Bobby. Even in death you can’t hide from me…

Ah yes, the NBA had a serious game last night. LeBron going for shallow revenge from the Finals. He got his revenge, and as much as I love it when revenge is successful… I have to give the Player of the D.A.Y. to Linas Kleiza. 41 points and 9 rebounds? Marcus Camby had 24 boards and 11 blocked shots, which is a more impressive line, but Linas Kleiza scored 40 in an NBA game? This is the most shocking huge scoring night since Tony Delk had 50.

Alright, must focus on Giants, you do realize a Super Bowl appearance is on the line? This is big. I didn’t have any particular hatred of Green Bay, but they started this war over Seinfeld. Only a week after the Giants upset the world’s biggest Cowboy fan (no it’s not Jessica). Join the New York Giants as we (they, the team) rid the world of its evils!