Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

What day is it? Oh that’s right… two days since the blessed event. There is lots of basketball award giving to catch-up on. Let’s backtrack with some Player of the D.A.Y. awards.

Games played Friday night: On Friday night I saw There Will Be Blood. Now that was fine cinema! If I could do it all again, I’d be an oil man. And I would build a big fat toxic pipe right through all of your homes. After the movie, me and my friend had to calm down, so we postgamed a little, caught some of the Bulls-Warriors on TV. Baron Davis had 40 points, hit 6 of 8 threes, and even though the Bulls are one of those teams that should be ineligible for players competing against them and winning the award, I have to give it to him. Forced tie-in: I wish I were a ruthless oil BARON.

Games played Saturday: Corey Maggette had a big game against the Nets, Chicago bounced back behind Ben Gordon over the Pistons. But let’s give it up for Yao Ming. Tracy McGrady played, but was limited. Yao was a monster with 21 and 14 leading his team over the champs. Hey, here’s yet another uncomfortable tie-in: I saw Cloverfield that day! Monsters! Great movie for what it was. Sure, you human characters can get annoying sometimes, but there was lots of stuff going kaboom.

Games played Sunday: Only one game was played out of respect for the Arizona Bound SUPERGIANTS. How about those New Jersey Nets? Even when their season is going down the tubes they can’t get any coverage our outrage. They share a parking lot with the inspirational SUPERGIANTS! Lucky them. Amare had 28 and 9 against the Nets.

Games played Monday: On Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, there were many many NBA games played. Holly was all over them as always. I will do the opposite and distill thousands and thousands of words into one name: Ryan Gomes. 35 and 11 in a WIN for the Timberwolves, who just got by Golden State.

Games played Tuesday: Steve Nash, season high 37 with 10 assists. On a night with just two games the Suns players are lucking out with these easy awards. Then again, 37 and 10 is big enough to win on a competitive night. The other game involved Jersey losing, and so Ron Artest was inelgible despite the good game he had.

And we’re caught up. Excuse me, I have to go talk some rubes out of their land for my oil profiteering.