Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

Hello basketball site! Let’s take a break from talking about football to talk baseball.


Omar, you genius! Loving the big market life!

Okay, Player of the D.A.Y. time from over the weekend. After reading the numbers, it occurred to me that this voting race could possibly be a complete sham, just like many voter races!

On with the fun.

Games played Friday night: Shawn Marion hit the buzzer-beater in Phoenix-Cleveland, and there was the Dallas-Lakers game with Dirk leading the Mavs, but I’m going with Rip Hamilton‘s 32-8-8 in a win over Orlando.

Games played Saturday: Dwyane Wade finally put an end to the Miami losing machine, but the big game of the night was the stunning New Orleans blowout of the Spurs in San Antonio. David West scored 32 on 15 of 19. I know, Chris Paul is the engine, but David was the, I dunno, front tires that rolled over the Spurs.

Games played Sunday: Al Jefferson, your 40 and 19 was overshadowed. LeBron in the primetime showdown with 41 and 9 is the winner.

Games played Monday: Let’s go to New Orleans again. The #1 seed in the West. Who saw that coming? Chris Paul with 23-17-9.