Player of the D.A.Y.

by January 31, 2008

By Sam Rubenstein

Yes the GIANT SUPER BOWL is approaching… yes LOST season 4 debuts tonight… yes we are in the midst of the final season of The Wire, it could go on with things that don’t happen inside of a television set. Yes the actor who plays Omar from The Wire was here yesterday and he had braces and was a very friendly man who didn’t have a shotgun and bulletproof vest thereby shattering my illusions. Yes it is grammatically annoying to begin every sentence with the word yes.

If you were looking forward to me writing something about the Super Bowl, understand I have to be very careful about jinxes. My Tom Brady voodoo doll was working, but as you can see his foot seems to have healed. Must adjust dosage. I’m also concerned with all the talk coming from Giants players… stay quiet.  Plaxico…  why are you doing this! More tomorrow.

Awards to give out:

Games played Tuesday night: Three-way race between Kevin Durant leading the Sonics over the Spurs, Antawn Jamison with a 20-20 evening in an OT win over the Raptors, or Yao with 36 and 19 in a win over Golden State. Very tough call between Yao and Jamison… and the winner is Yao. He hit 14 of 15 free throws. Here’s a great stat I just happened to see: Yao is a 91% free throw shooter on the road this season.

Games played last night: It’s LeBron, as Al Jefferson gets overshadowed once again. MVP race updated: 1) LeBron 2) Chris Paul.