Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

Lots and lots and LOTS of stuff going on with the site… but I want to take a time out to ask the real world question, have you ever one day discovered that your downstairs neighbor – your landlord’s sister – has been deceased for four months? Awwwwwwwkward! We were aware that something was up, but uh… I’m a little nervous about the future…

Very excited to be heading out of town this weekend. What is rent like in New Orleans?

By the way this Clemens trial thing… wow. If this is where taxpayer money is going, I want a little something extra in my refund.

To the NBA, a much safer world.

Games played Friday night: Carmelo Anthony had his career night, 49 against the Wizards.

Games played Saturday: Monta Ellis with 34 and 9 in a win over Sacramento on a night when Baron struggled.

Games played Sunday: A toss-up between Amare’s 31 and 13 against the Wizards – who would be the victim of the weekend team – and Paul Pierce leading the C’s minus Garnett over the Spurs. Yes, Paul Pierce with his 35 points in that game gets it.

Games played Monday: Washington rears its ugly head again, as they blew a big lead to the Warriors, who got 41 from Stephen Jackson. This was the same night Larry Hughes had 40 over Orlando. Forty point games are gaudy, but I’m going a third direction and giving it to Manu Ginobili, who started and led the Spurs with 34 and 15, in a win over Toronto. His starting backcourt mate? Why, Jacque Vaughn of course.

Games played Tuesday: I want to honor the Pistons hot streak. There were no real “big games” last night, so I’ll go with Rasheed Wallace leading the Pistons with 21 in a win over the Hawks.

Okay, even though the Clemens thing is a huge waste of time, I have to admit I’ve got my eye on it. Back to the scene of the trainwreck…