Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

Ben, Lang, Khalid, and myself are heading down to New Orleans early tomorrow morning. It is crucial that I remind you to go to this page all weekend long. New Orleans… one of my favorite cities. They have a well-known clothing store called Rubenstein Bros. Twice I have tried to throw my name around there to get free stuff, twice I have been rebuffed.

While I’m still on a Valentine’s Day chocolate sugar high, I’ll share some facts from my two previous trips to New Orleans.

1) Someone I was there with was thrown in jail for assaulting a police horse. I was on local TV ranting about how my Florida State Seminoles were going to win the Sugar Bowl. I don’t watch college football, rarely have.

2) My room key wasn’t working. I banged on the door. I was in the wrong hotel. Got to a meeting late, found out the speaker was… me.
3) Let’s do this!

Busy night in the NBA last night. Monta Ellis with 37 against the post-Marion Suns, but Baron came up with the key plays down the stretch. Amare missed a big free throw ending a streak of 36 straight. Wow, Shaq has been teaching him the game!

Carlos Boozer had a triple double, Dirk had 37 and 12 against the Blazers. 20-20s from Dwight Howard and Emeka Okafor. Buuuuuuut…

It has to go to Manu Ginobili, and yes now I regret giving it to him over Larry Hughes the other day. The Finals may have been ugly last year, but a Finals re-match is a Finals re-match, and Manu hit eight threes on his way to 46 points in the win. No revenge for Cleveland.