Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

Well, it’s 9 P.M. and there’s still time for me to do my job. Who gets it? Boozer outplayed Duncan with the Jazz winning a big game. Dwight went 8 for 8 against Seattle. Stephen Jackson hit one lucky shot. Eddy Curry? Nah.

Nate Robinson, another amazing play. The winner of this award is a guy that has a big night for his team, helping them to a win. That’s not Nate, and that blown self alley-oop was not a smart basketball play. I enjoyed watching it very much. Over and over again. And the latest entry of his blog is up.

Joe Johnson got off to a hot start against the Bobcats and finished with 36. Good enough to win this award. Atlanta, be proud.