Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

The office is a ghost town right now, other than some other magazine doing their secret santa. I wish there was a more amusing player of the D.A.Y., like yesterday when I gave it to God/Jordan. But this is one of those taking care of business days.

Chauncey Billups keyed a Pistons victory in Cleveland over the Cavs. These might be the two best teams in the East, with the Bulls on their way up. By the way, remember when talking about headbands was a big deal? Winning cures everything. And I wouldn’t be performing my pre-holiday duties if I didn’t point out Phil Mushnick’s latest. Is this racist? Just plain ignorant? Whatever it is… yikes. “Vandalize themselves with tattoos.” Merry Christmas.

Anyways, the big game in the East was not exciting. Cleveland-Detroit is supposed to be part of LeBron’s rite of passage, overcoming a better team on his way to ruling the game. Since Benny Headbands left, the task won’t be the same. And the Pistons still won without their old center. Sigh.
So, the Player of the D.A.Y. is Antawn Jamison. 33 and 13, hitting 5 of 8 threes versus defenseless Sacramento. He was hotter than the Hibachi, who only had 30 on 9 of 23 shooting and 5 of 11 threes. I should also point out that we had our SLAM holiday lunch at Benihana’s the other day, where your food is cooked with a hibachi. I referenced Gilbert’s nickname several times, and nobody knew what I was talking about.

Have a Merry X-mas everyone. We’re closed Monday and possibly Tuesday. Unless something really crazy happens.