Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

So many ways to go here. Channing Frye had the moment of the night when he hit his deep 2 to force triple OT and then celebrated like he won the championship. But Steph and Jamal Crawford contributed way too much. Eddy too. Rip Hamilton had 51, but his team lost. Big game for Gerald Wallace in a loss. I’m taking the easy way out. Maybe you saw the Carmelo video. I was chopping that thing to pieces all afternoon.

First, two pieces of news regarding coaches.

1. The Czar is out. Fired. Look forward to his return to TV.

2. Pat Riley is whining that Kirk Hinrich injured Dwyane Wade. Stop it Riles. Just stop it.
Ben Gordon gets the player of the D.A.Y. for that. The Heat are melting. Injuries, injuries, wisdom teeth, injuries.