Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

This could have been so easy, but Steve Nash had to go out and pick up 21 assists with 1 turnover against one of the better teams in the East. Sigh and shaking head. Jason Kidd had a triple double, scored in the 20s, and locked down Ben Gordon. Not to mention he’s in the spotlight for off-court stuff and the NY Post is speaking to his Ex (or babymama, if you will), with whom he had a child 13 years ago. I already split this award for Kidd and Nash once, when they played that epic classic in Jersey. It’s the only split in Player of the D.A.Y. history.

I thought it was appropriate since both Jason and Steve are in their early-mid thirties, doing things that players 10 years younger can’t do. Steve gets better every year. Jason is approaching averaging a triple double. There’s a third person that could fit into this category. Joumanna Kidd. She’s 34 years old and has given birth three times, including to twins. There are plenty of guys in the NBA that could learn from her workout regimen. And if it’s not a workout regimen, then she heals better than Wolverine or “The Cheerleader.”
Where was I? Oh, gotta pick a winner. The hell with it, I’m splitting the vote again! Jason Kidd and Steve Nash share the Player of the D.A.Y. for the second time! You might be thinking this is a slap in the face to Steph, since each of these guys replaced him and they keep racking up all of this praise and these trophies. But things are going well for Marbury. STARS ON STARS!!!

O.K. and now for the Chump of the D.A.Y. request. If you commenters want to name a Chump of the D.A.Y. every day, feel free. You have my blessing. I just don’t need that extra obligation of creating a new post every time. I’m kind of like Robocop 2. I have some basic directives but if you flood my brain with too many rules and orders, I might snap and grab onto an electrical fence. I did a stripped down version of this for the Playoffs a few years ago, called “Playoff Faces” or something like that, where I put a picture of the guy that helped his team most and a big red L over the face of the guy that hurt his team most.
If I had to pick a Chump of the D.A.Y., I would go with Ben Wallace for not scoring a single point and leaving with a tight back. But like I said, I leave the responsibility to the people.