Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

On Friday I went through my thought process of how I feel like I may be shortchanging Dirk and/or Josh Howard because the two of them keep cancelling each other out by playing at such a high level at the same time on the same team. They both lost to Dwyane Wade, who once again may have had the best individual day in the league, but his team lost to that Dallas combo. Of course, Jerry Stackhouse might have been the difference in the game. I try not to look back at the history of Player of the D.A.Y. when picking the new winner, but Dirk has only one and Josh Howard has none. Can I really give this to Stackhouse today?

Other names in the mix would be Marion and Amare for what they did to Minnesota. Marion had 20 boards in 3 quarters, but the league’s leading rebounder wasn’t there to stop him. Tim Duncan beat Philly, but that was Philly. Brandon Roy for Portland? Eh. I need to show some respect to a guy that needs it.

Josh Howard gets his first Player of the D.A.Y. It could have just as easily gone to Dirk, but I’m giving it to Josh. Dirk won his only one in a controversial decision when I should have given it to LeBron. 25 points, 9 boards, and 3 steals for Josh. Soon I will release my official mid-season story of the league through the eyes of the D.A.Y. and Player of the D.A.Y.