Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

I was looking forward to the Suns-Wizards game. It was on the NBA channel on some random HD-TV broadcast and it was supposed to be a 175-168 thriller. Gilbert and Steve, two of the front runners in the NBA race, were going to trade bigtime hoops down the stretch.

Instead, Steve Nash came out smoking (after he shaved off a temporary mustache), making the exact right play in every situation, whether it was finding someone running the break, taking and making the open shot, finding Amare for a dunk with 2 seconds left on the shot clock, pump faking Brendan Haywood into the air and then getting all the way to the hoop, finding the open guy some more, throwing picture perfect full court lead passes… it could go on forever. The game was over when the Suns had a 41-20 lead at the end of the first quarter. Statement made to the Washington Wizards: There is no Phoenix Suns of the East.

The game was such a foregone conclusion that I went to my parents place to pick up Opera tickets for tonight. That is correct, while many of you are watching the Suns score 120 points in three quarters against the Steph-less Knicks, I as someone with the ability to attend such an event in person for free, am unable to go. No, I will be experiencing La Boheme at Lincoln Center, with tickets purchased many months ago. Damn you for being so cultured and worldly Sam Rubenstein!!!

Steve Nash finished by shooting 11 of 13 for 27 points, and dishing out 14 assists. Those numbers understate just how dominant he was. Player of the D.A.Y. and he doesn’t even have to share it with Jason Kidd this time.