Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

Did I not give Tim Duncan his due for keeping the Spurs in the game in L.A.? I did mention that he drew the double team for the game-winning open look and that he nearly had a triple double. But it’s easy to overlook Duncan just because he’s been so great for so long without any of the flashiness. He’s the best power forward of all-time (IMO). You expect this kind of thing from him. The Spurs did not play well at either end of the floor. They were on the road against a team with one of the best records in the NBA, with Lamar Odom back from injury. Tim Duncan dominated, and gave young Andrew Bynum a floor display that his mentor Kareem would be proud of.

21-14-9 with 3 blocks. Player of the D.A.Y. is the Tim Duncan Robot.