Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

Well, I put the Vince Carter tape up today, and I think that should hold everyone’s attention for a while. So you get this early. Lang and I have to play a Madden SuperBowl preview. I’m taking the Bears and I think they will win the game in real life. When people spend too much time overthinking, they overlook the simplest thing. Defense beats offense. Last year the Steelers had the better defense. The Patriots always did in each of their SuperBowls, and Tampa did against the Raiders. In fact, I think we could see something like what happened in the Oakland-Tampa SuperBowl. Everybody talked about how the Raiders had this record-setting QB and then he ended up throwing like 5 interceptions. This Bears D is a lot like that Tampa one. Anyways, that’s what I think.

I still find myself strangely obsessed about the LeBron stuff, and how annoyed I keep getting about how the Cavs are playing. Maybe this game will be a wake-up call for him and his team. DWade did the publicity tour and Olympic basketball thing over the summer too, not to mention he played 2 more grueling pressure-cooker playoff series than LeBron. He doesn’t seem to be saving his energy for the future. Wade had the best damn 12 turnover and 9 field goal game you ever saw.

Honorable mention goes to Amare for his 24 and 23 against Duncan and the Spurs. But the hot button topic of the day being LeBron’s effort and Vince back then vs. now just makes this the perfect day to give it to Wade.