Player of the D.A.Y.

By Sam Rubenstein

So, am I supposed to give this out to someone from over the weekend on Monday? Or am I pretending that weekend basketball doesn’t exist. I dunno. Let me think on it. For now, you get the best of Sunday night as the award winner. And in this case, it comes down to Vince or Yao.

I actually meant to give this very award to Yao over last weekend for the monster game he had against Dallas. But I didn’t. So consider this half a makeup trophy and half totally legit. He did dominate the Heat and put in his claim for best center in the league by outplaying an aging Shaq. Vince hit that three to force OT and continued his 30 point game scoring surge with RJ out of action. He’l have to settle for honorable mention.
It’s YAO D.A.Y.

By the way, The Dirty 30 will be making its appearance later this week. I’m about as consistent as Eli Manning right now.